Weber BBQ Cultures

Weber BBQ Cultures is a combination of cinematic and digital technologies to create an experience where guests can learn more about BBQ cultures across the world. Additional content and interactive elements will be added as the campaign evolves, making new tips and techniques available for grillers worldwide.

Weber wanted to challenge tradition and put digital at the core of their communication activities in order to provide an engaging and emotional experience with an ambition to create something totally new and try to raise the bar for what a BBQ company does.

In working with the campaign they chose to approach the cinematic material in a fresh take on manipulating the underlying technology, while supplementing with hand drawn illustrations and a unique user experience aiming for a solution which maintains the art and joy of grilling at the forefront.


  • My role in this project
  • Lead Illustrator / Storyboarder
  • Company Mediamonks
  • Year 2015
  • ClientUncle Grey / Weber