Adidas – Fast or Fail

To support the global launch of the long-anticipated ‘adizero F50 Messi’, iris worldwide authored an online competition that is arguably as distinct as adidas’ flagship boot. For Fast or Fail, we’ve produced a social media-fueled running frenzy that lets you speed through an abstract representation of Messi’s journey to the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The more people are talking about Messi, the faster the games goes. Can you handle being a hero?

In addition to the design and build of the game, MediaMonks is also responsible for the production of the campaign’s promotional film. Starring Leo Messi himself, the film attracted over half a million views on YouTube in the first week of release. The film was shot and directed by MediaMonks Films, who also provided love and care for the extensive CGI work that gives this campaign its face.


  • My role in this project
  • Concept Artist
  • Company Mediamonks
  • Year 2014
  • Client Iris London - Adidas