Update 4 (13dec): Poster Finished

Today I finished the last part of my Star Wars Poster. Below the result.



Update 3 (29 nov): Bottom part finished, adjusted the upper part

Colored the bottom part today and wasn’t happy with the compositin of the top part. It was missing
a character and Han Solo was to big (I guess his part isn’t that importend).


Update 2 (28 nov): 3cpo and troopers colored, rey’s eyes changed a bit

Today I finally had some time to continue on my Star Wars Fan Art. Hope to finish the bottom part
by tommorow.

update 1 (10 nov): Rey and Chewbacca colored


Image 1: Sketch
Today I started on a fan-art piece of the new Star Wars movie. This will be a work in progress post where
I will add more pictures to show some progress.